• Trinity

    (Bovine Colostrum) has sincerely changed my life. I feel better, it has relieved my joint pain, evened out my blood sugar issues.. and the best thing is that it has CURED my life-long depression issues. On top of all of that, I am finally losing weight. I can't say enough good things about it. I just turned my 70 year old father onto it and he is a changed man. Give this a try.
  • Robert

    After one month of taking colostrum, my stomach and intestinal tract has never felt better (no more bloating and indigestion). Now I can eat anything I darn well please. I've noticed that the flu bug that everyone is getting is passing me by.
  • Laura

    I have had MS now for 5 years. I started taking colostrum about 8 months ago and my energy has gone through the roof. I am more active now than I was before MS. I have definitely seen improvement in my motility and flexibility. I will continue on this product forever. I have even given it to my children as a dietary supplement.
  • Kirk

    For about three years, I have suffered from sinus infection. This last year, I took the latest, most potent and most expensive broad spectrum antibiotics to control this infection. They accomplished nothing except to weaken my immune system. Within a week of taking colostrum regularly, the last traces of infection disappeared. On another occasion, when I had slacked off the colostrum, I got a bad cold. A doubling of my usual dosage cured me of the cold in one day. In addition, I do not get as depressed and irritable as I often did before and my mental focus has sharpened.
  • J.O

    I just had to write to you to let you know how wonderful I think Colostrum is. I had a major cosmetic surgery to correct a dysmorphic condition this last Friday and was released the same day. Needless to say, I was in a lot of pain, and even the slightest movement aggravated the sutured area and inflamed it even more. The pain medication I was prescribed became my good friend. The next day, my husband had a chiropractic appointment and came home with a bottle of colostrum capsules from our Chiropractor. I took the advanced dosage right then, and then again the next morning. Well, I couldn't believe it myself, but the pain was completely gone, and I felt so good, I put my TaeBo (kickboxing) tape on and worked out! Colostrum speeds up healing at lightning speed, and I am really happy about that because I am very athletic, and the idea of taking a month off to "heal" would have sent my body into a tailspin. I'm telling everybody about it.
  • Pete

    I am a non insulin diabetic. I've been taking colostrum for just over a month. I went to my doctor for my routine tests. My blood sugar levels had dramatically improved for the first time. This colostrum really works.
  • Mike

    I have been taking 6 colostrum capsules a day for approx. 9 weeks. Before taking this I had bad, bad stomach cramps every day since my gall bladder operation several years ago. Since the first day I took the colostrum capsules I have had no cramps! My doctor had told me I would just have to live with tummy aches. This is making such a wonderful difference in my life I just wanted to tell you!
  • Sydney

    I haven’t been able to eat solid foods for three years now because of advanced Sclera Derma (one of the most debilitating of the autoimmune diseases). In only one week of taking colostrum, I was able to sit down with my family and eat real food. My sons told me that it was so wonderful to watch their mother eat a hamburger. I can’t say enough about what colostrum has done for me.
  • Patsy

    I have been suffering with colitis for 8 weeks. I have been on asacol and folic acid and rowasa enemas. As of 2 weeks ago I began to take Colostrum and within 2 days began to have normal bowels. Gradually my digestive tract has gotten better and better. I also have been given paxil for anxiety. I believe it has been the colostrum that has made the improvement and I have more energy than before the attack of colitis. I am a believer.
  • Lisa

    I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. On the regular dose of colostrum, I noticed that I felt stronger and my fatigue was easing up. I increased my dose and in just one month, 95% of my symptoms are gone. Incredible difference.
  • Rebecca

    My vomiting migraines are gone, and when I do get a headache, I can take something not as strong. Fluid that I keep having in my left ear disappears along with the allergy symptoms, sore throat, etc. It is almost unbelievable. I even have energy now. I have taken the colostrum for one month consistently. (6 capsules daily and eating a colostrum bar also) I feel so much better. I can sleep better at night too. I have just re-ordered. I don't want to be without it because it really helps. There is something in it that brings your immunity to top level, so you don't get sick. I feel like a different person. I was always reaching for something for a headache or achy this or achy that. It just is so unbelievable. I take a natural Antihistamine and my colostrum and that is sufficient now. I have taken allergy shots for 6 years and sometimes they put me on Prednisone and Decontrone shots and always antibiotics. Hopefully, no more, just Colostrum. I feel like my prayers were answered. I even feel like going back to work. Thanks to whoever discovered the value of Colostrum.
  • Estel

    At first I was a skeptic, my sister was diagnosed with b.o.o.p. which is a lung disease in which she has lost lung capacity and had to be on oxygen. She was also given a new cancer drug which depletes her immune system. She had been taking the cancer medication 1 month before starting colostrum with no improvement, after taking colostrum for a month she began to feel better, she was even able to vacuum without running out of breath! She ran out of colostrum so she thought that maybe the cancer medication was making her feel better. Within two weeks of not taking colostrum she began to notice that she was out of breath more easily and could not walk as far as before. She went back on colostrum and is feeling better once again. Her doctor says that her lung capacity went from 43% to 47% where he had previously told her even if he cured her today she would never regain the lung capacity which she had lost, I have started taking colostrum and I feel like my spirits have lifted I don't have any medical problems but I can tell the difference in myself when I am not taking it.